Santa’s Visit to the Polar Express

We run 33 Polar Express trains from November 16th through December 22nd with approximately 13,500 riders. Santa Claus is one of our biggest supporters and he makes sure to visit with all the children on every single train! We often get emails from happy customers, sharing about their experience on the Polar Express and sometimes Santa even shares his favorite letters. Here’s a selection:


From: Becka

Dear Santa:

Please make sure all of our family, friends feel love this Christmas.


Hello.   I am writing to inform you of what a great person Santa is. 
My family and I were visiting family in New York for Thanksgiving and we took our 2 children on the 7pm Polar Express.  I have a 3 year old boy and a 20 year old daughter who is Mentally retarded, non verbal and suffers from a seizure disorder.  She may be 20 years old but she is mentally 8. She lives for Christmas and seeing Santa every year. 
This was our first year ever taking the train ride and they loved it.  From playing the games at the station to hot chocolate afterwards.  When she saw Santa out the window in Holland Patent she was so excited.  We had no idea that Santa would come around to each child and talk to them.  Well when Santa came to my daughter and sat down across from her she was so happy she cried.  He took his time with her and tried to communicate with her as best he could.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I have never in her 20 years had anyone outside the family or her school treat her like that.  As I sit here now tears are rolling down my face.  She takes her bell with her everywhere.  My son even commented on it that night when we went to bed that night.  He said “mama….Santa was so nice to Sami.”
I just wanted to share our experience with you and let you know what a WONDERFUL man Santa is.


Dear Santa,

This Christmas I would like you to help potty train Daniel. I told him that he could get a new lego set for Christmas if he was potty trained. Maybe you can ask him how potty training is coming along?


Daniel’s Mom







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